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Practice ATAR Papers A B C
Yr11 General Math Unit 1
Yr11 General Math Unit 2
Yr11 General Math Units 1&2
Yr12 General Math Unit 3
Yr12 General Math Unit 4
Yr12 General Math Units 3&4
Yr11 Math Methods Unit 1
Yr11 Math Methods Unit 2
Yr11 Math Methods Units 1&2
Yr12 Math Methods Unit 3
Yr12 Math Methods Unit 4
Yr12 Math Methods Units 3&4
Yr11 Specialist Math Unit 1
Yr11 Specialist Math Unit 2
Yr11 Specialist Math Units 1&2
Yr12 Specialist Math Unit 3
Yr12 Specialist Math Unit 4
Yr12 Specialist Math Units 3&4

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Notes: Practice ATAR Papers

Papers in columns A, B and C were written for use as Practice Papers for the new QCE courses.

Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 papers examine content from just those units. Units 1&2 and 3&4 papers examine content from both units, with an equal weighting to content from each unit. Unit 3&4 papers also contain a multiple choice section.

Practice Papers are supplied digitally in pdf format and can be downloaded from our website once payment received and order processed by our office staff. Typically, this is within 24 hours of an order being placed.

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