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ATAR Math Exams for Queensland Schools

Year 12 Mock Exams

Ready-to-print mock exams that cover Unit 3&4 content and mirror the QCAA external exam format for General, Methods and Specialist ATAR courses. Each mock has a total working time of 3-hours, two papers, multiple choice sections, 60-20-20 familiarity split and is supplied with fully worked solutions and marking guide. All parts of each mock are supplied as Word documents to enable editing. Schools who buy our mocks must agree to keep them secure at all times and only release them to students after their Release Date.

Year 11 Semester One and Two Papers

Ready-to-print papers for use as internal Semester One and Two exams for Year 11 General, Methods and Specialist ATAR courses. These 2-hour, 120 mark papers (supplied as editable Word documents) are designed to meet all QCAA internal assessment specifications. They are supplied with worked solutions, marking guide and ISMG. Papers have 60-20-20 familiarity split, and technology free/active sections for Methods and Specialist. Schools must agree to keep these exams secure at all times and only release them to students after their Release Date.

Practice Papers

We offer a large selection of Year 11 and 12 Practice Papers in pdf format with worked solutions and marking guides covering all Queensland Math ATAR courses - General, Methods and Specialist. Unit 3&4 Practice Mocks are 3-hour exams that include multiple choice sections and mirror recent QCAA external exam formats. All other Practice exams are 2-hour, 120 mark papers that have the same features as current Year 11 Semester Papers. Schools can release these exams to their students at any time, subject to our Terms of Sale.

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What content do the exams cover?

Individual Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 papers examine content exclusively from those units. Units 1&2 and 3&4 papers examine content equally weighted from both units, taught over the whole year.

How much do exams cost?

Go to our cost calculator, select your papers and our system will show you the best pricing for your department.

Alternatively, download our paper order form for more information and to cost your exams.

How are exams delivered?

Once we have your order, we'll email you a password so that you can login to our site and download your papers. Semester Papers can also be sent (on a USB drive or similar) in the mail to schools.

Free resources

Download our Guide to Graph Language - a concise graph theory reference and guide for General Unit 4.


Download our Guide to the Hungarian Algorithm - worked examples to help get to grips with this topic in General Unit 4.


Sample pages from one of our Yr11 General or Yr12 Methods exam papers.

Practice Papers

Our practice papers are a great resource for schools as they prepare their students for ATAR exams. Check availability and pricing here.

Papers customised with school crest/logo

We'll add the crest/logo of your school to the cover page of your papers. If we don't have a copy, we'll contact your school administration to get hold of print quality artwork.

Key Dates

We have no order deadlines - order anytime. Semester papers must not be released to students to take home until after the applicable release date. Practice papers will be available for download from our site, usually within one working day of placing order, subject to initial dispatch date. Full details can be found on our Key Dates page.

Terms of Sale

We want schools to be confident in the use of our examinations to reliably validate the learning of their students. To this end, schools must take great care of our papers until their release date and ensure that staff and students only use the papers for their intended purpose. All purchasers should take time to familiarise themselves with our Terms of Sale.

Feedback on our papers

Your papers are fantastic. Nice well-worded questions with lots of challenges at different levels. We are very impressed.
We are very appreciative of the standard and quality of your suite of papers.
Really sorted out our students and validated our standards.
I was very impressed with the level of rigour and in particular, the amount of higher-order thinking in them.
Thank you for setting and producing such excellent exam papers.
I'm pleased to tell you your papers are held in high regard by many HOLA's.
The questions were well graded and a good coverage of the course. I also liked the balance of calculator and non-calculator questions.

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